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Concrete production

Concrete production equipment department

Liard Industries occupies an important place in Quebec when it comes to the production of equipment for pre-cast concrete. With more than 40 years experience, we are well positioned to offer impeccable service and exceptional production quality. Our designing office allows us, among other things, to produce parts specific to your requirements. We can also refurbish your equipment.

Mould fabrication for all types of dry and wet concrete, all shapes and for any application: sceptic tanks, cesspools, manholes, pipes, electrical chambers, jersey barriers, culverts.

Joint rings

  • Base rings;
  • Top rings;
  • 12’’ to 84’’;
  • Single offset;
  • Trap-o-ring;
  • Gray iron, 40 grade, ASTM A-48;
  • Adapted to your equipment;