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Machining department

Liard Industries has 24 conventional and CNC machines. This equipment increases the quality of our products by allowing very precise machining of required parts or product components.

In 2011, Liard Industries made a major equipment addition with the purchase of a vertical 5-axis Integrex machine Mazak E-1060 V/8. This machine allows for turning, milling and complex angle machining. It is equipped with a pallet changer outside the machining zone, two milling tables, a 3 jaw chuck and a 4 jaw chuck. Machining part capacity is 50’’ high by 50’’ surface.

In 2012, Liard Industries made another important acquisition: a High Torque Mazac VCN 700/50 CNC vertical milling machine. This machine can process parts 80’’ long by 24’’ wide and 34’’ high. In addition, the high torque gives rigidity to the machine, allowing the processing of harder materials, better precision and optimum surface finish.


  • 5-axis complex machining of parts measuring up to 50’’ in diameter (or 50’’ width by depth) and 50’’ high;
  • Turning of parts measuring up to 102’’ in diameter;
  • Turning of parts up to 30’ in length;
  • Boring of parts weighing up to 10,000 lbs;
  • Milling of ACME threads;
  • Machining of a large array of materials: steel (carbon, stainless or other), aluminium, cast iron;
  • Reliable partnerships with selected suppliers: gear cutting, surface treatment: (thermal, chromium coating, hardening, sanding or other), etc.